”The Primax team was instrumental in driving our strategic planning process. Historically, we had done an extremely poor job of developing a strategic direction for the organization. Most of our internal activity was focused on the annual budgeting process. With the pace of deregulation in our state's marketplace, it was critical that we identified our strategic priorities and defined contingency plans which focused on superior operational execution. For the first time, the senior executive team has a real understanding about what is required to keep us competitive in the coming years.

Director of Corporate Services
Regional Electric Utility Provider

During our post-merger integration activities, [a Primaxx professional] worked with our team in implementing a new go to market strategy. The assistance was invaluable. Broad operational knowledge and insight combined with a strategic vision to really help our Market Intelligence group design the programs we needed. ...this real world experience was of great benefit in building the operational tools to implement the new strategy. We intend to use [Primaxx associates] for many projects in the future.

Market Intelligence System Specialist
A Leading Worldwide Manufacturer and Supplier of Cleaning Solutions

”...Our work with Primaxx focused on developing a state-of-the art risk management program. We combined an EVA philosophy with principles of modern Corporate Finance to design a more effective performance management system. In the coming months we will implement our design with a focus on significant improvements in our stock price appreciation.

Vice President, Marketing & Trading
A Multi-Billion Dollar
Global Energy Services Firm