Management Consulting

Primaxx provides a variety of strategic
planning and implementation services
focused on improving and managing
corporate performance.  With specific
expertise in scenario planning, our
advisors have a proven track record for
increasing shareholder wealth through
corporate restructurings and operational

Turn-arounds & Work-outs

Primaxx specializes in implementing
dramatic improvement initiatives designed
to increase revenue growth while
managing organizational expenditures.
Our advisors typically work with senior
executives to reformulate strategic
objectives and realize significant
profitability gains within 3 – 9 months.

Start-ups, Spin-off’s and Newly
Emerging Businesses

For over a decade, Primaxx has advised
a wide range of management teams on
creating high-growth organizations in new
or existing markets.  Once complete, our
advisors assist with key implementation
activities as the business matures.